Hi, My name is Keigo Ogawa (in japanese, “小川 啓吾”).

I’m a japanese college student, and studying Computer Science. I’m studying mainly about network and communication, especially, IoT. If you are interested in my research, please see my publications at below.

I will graduate from Waseda University at March, 2019. After graduating school, I will work as a Software Engineer at Game development company, located in Kyoto, Japan.

  • My research interest : Cloud/Edge computing, Sensor networks, IoT
  • My development interest : Web backend, Game, or any other software

I like to create the things which reduce our effort, and make us comfort.

Please contact me at ease, I will go and work everywhere on earth!

I’m looking forward to contact from you!


  • Master of Engineering in Computer Science and Communication, Waseda University, Japan, expected March 2019
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science, Waseda University, Japan, March 2017

Technical Skills

Programming language

  • Can use:
    • Ruby, Python, C, C++, Rust, JavaScript, HTML/CSS
  • Can use a little:
    • PHP, Haskell, Java


  • Linux, macOS
  • Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Jetson
  • Ruby on Rails, Nginx, MySQL, Git
  • Vim, Spacemacs, IntelliJ IDEA


  • Japanese: Native speaker
  • English: Business level, TOEIC Score 875 (March 2017)


  • Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination (November 2015)
  • Applied Information Technology Engineer Examination (June 2016)



[1] Kenji Kanai, Keigo Ogawa, Masaru Takeuchi, Jiro Katto and Toshitaka Tsuda: “Intelligent Video Surveillance System Based on Event Detection and Rate Adaptation by Using Multiple Sensors”, IEICE Trans. on Communications, Vol.E101-B, No.3, pp.-, Mar. 2018 (to be published)

International Conference

[1] Keigo Ogawa, Kenji Kanai, Masaru Takeuchi, Jiro Katto and Toshitaka Tsuda, “Edge-centric Field Monitoring System for Energy-efficient and Network-friendly Field Sensing**, 2018 15th IEEE Annual Consumer Communications & Networking Conference (CCNC) Workshops (EDGECOM Workshops), Las Vegas, NV, 2018 (to be published)

国内研究会 (Domestic Conference)

[1] 小川啓吾・金井謙治・甲藤二郎・津田俊隆: “崖崩れ検知を想定したフィールドセンシングシステムの検討,” 信学会CS研究会, Dec.2017.

[2] 小川啓吾・金井謙治・竹内 健・甲藤二郎・津田俊隆: “IoMTのためのエッジコンピューティングを用いたフィードバック制御フレームワークの性能評価,” 信学会MoNA研究会, Nov.2017.

[3] 安丸昌輝・小川啓吾・竹内 健・金井謙治・甲藤二郎、服装の色情報と柄情報を用いた個人識別 ~ HSV情報とHOG特徴量を用いた個人識別 ~、信学会IE研究会、Mar.2017

[4] 小川啓吾・金井謙治・竹内 健・甲藤二郎・津田俊隆、監視映像システムにおけるセンサ情報をもとにしたイベント検知および動画像レート制御の性能評価、信学会NS研究会, Mar.2017.

[5] 小川啓吾, 金井謙治, 竹内健, 甲藤二郎, 津田俊隆: “監視映像システムのための複数センサを活用したイベントドリブン型適応レート制御の性能評価,” 信学技報 MoNA研究会, Nov.2016.