I am a software engineer working at Japan.

I like to create the things which reduce our effort and make us comfort (or just for fun!).

Please contact me at ease, I will go and work everywhere on earth if there are intereting!


  • Master of Engineering in Computer Science and Communication, Waseda University, Japan, March 2019
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science, Waseda University, Japan, March 2017


Programming language

  • I can use:
    • Ruby, Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS
  • I can use (but few experience):
    • C, C++, Rust

Mainly I’m developing web applications, but I am also interested in other type of software, such as game or system software.


  • Linux, macOS, AWS
  • Jenkins, Terraform
  • Nginx, MySQL, Git
  • Spring Boot, Ruby on Rails
  • Vim, Emacs, IntelliJ IDEA
  • Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Jetson


  • Japanese: Native speaker
  • English: TOEIC Score 875 (March 2017)


mail: keigo[at]brookbach.com